Tips for student travelers


Many young people today are taking advantage of their gap year and vacations to travel around the world. It is a very liberating period of their life and one that offers them great opportunities to learn about other cultures and make new friends. One thing that is typically common amongst student travelers is that they are on a tight budget. This means you have to be budget savvy in how you plan your spending and look for the best deals every time. A top tip is to always seek cheap flights from budget airlines. Not only are their rates usually the lowest for any destination, they also offer lower baggage fees. Many students are savvy enough to travel light to their destinations, but may have an extra bag on return to accommodate gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.

Besides flight travel, it can really help to reduce the rest of your travel costs if you are travelling in a group hiring a taxi or a car is cheapest when there are e several of you and you can split the costs. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the exchange rate of the country you are travelling to. This and learning the typical price of basic commodities will help ensure you know how much to bargain when shopping. Be sure to take along a debit card that works with a PIN. These are the best for safeguarding your funds, plus your family can even upload more cash to them even from home.

Take advantage of free services where you can. Many hotels and restaurants, even in developing nations, have free Wi-Fi which you can use to send email and social networking update on your travel progress. Consider taking up a work vacation that allows you to earn some money at your new destination, and in some cases comes with free board and meals.

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